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American Waymaker - Ep01

I’m on a mission to teach 10 million people how to generate wealth while living their values.

Although the world has advanced technologically, people seem to be more susceptible to corruption. The average mind, heart & spirit has very little ability to resist the harmful aspects of modern culture.

Everyone feels this shift in mindset and its reflected in our politics, policies and business.

This show addresses the problems at the core of this corruption of the human spirit & business. All through the lens of copywriting, as an ethical high-ticket sales consultant & my values as a Christian.


Entrepreneurship and culture is what made America great. Setting goals on something bigger than yourself, becoming a legend in the process, while building a better world for your family to live in. The voluntary exchange of goods & services are a feature of being human and a corrupted understanding of this leads to a downward spiral of nihilistic action.

My goal is to save 10 million people from becoming collateral damage in the invisible war thats being waged always.

You may have heard of “The great reset”. Most people have chosen to give into the alien overlords. A real-life conglomerate of; politicians, media heads, organizations, Titians of tech, governments & medical corporations.

While many are going along with everything proposed in their publicly stated plans, others choose to forge their own path.

The people who justify “The great reset”, engage in a type of warfare that targets anyone who doesn’t further its agenda in some way.


BUT IT DO (Yes...that’s a correct statement)

This Communist attack, being disguised as social justice is meant to confuse a population, before dividing it against itself. The obviously purposeful, country-killing policies coming out of the #46 White house are directed at crushing small businesses & personal liberty.

Government spending has exceeded all super-villain ransoms combined, ensuring that a massive inflation awaits. It’ll be an economic depression that few are prepared for…


Through my years as a business consultant, I noticed how success came down to the framework or lens that a person used to perceive the world. This world-view of principles and patterns should allow you to accurately predict outcomes. The ability to anticipate reactions is necessary for a business to thrive.

After analyzing countless perspectives on reality, a few objective insights presented themselves…

There’s infinite interpretations of reality, but only a small number of viable ones. The bulk of these “ways of being” result in close personal suffering or death. Harsh but true.

Another insight, is how one specific view of reality is paramount in the minds of virtually all of the worlds rich & powerful class.

The person they cannot conquer

Above all other religions, the consistent preference of the people in that particular society, who’re obsessed with the occult, use the Christian bibles representation of Satan. This even includes all of his pals… by name.

Whether its for some daddy-issue ladened tattoo, fashion choice, or best method to assail someone's faith, they only care to offend one God.

Its been this way, for thousands of years..

Every major government acronym, world bank, & secret society only care about offending/corrupting one God, his people & their beliefs.

Which also reveals their nemesis — the universalization of Christian values, through business & culture. An army of faith-based business leaders who shape the future of the world into a new era.

The Strongest weapon

The Covid restrictions that continue to target Christians first & Jewish communities second, while emphatically avoiding all other religions, especially certain middle-eastern ones was enough to make me see that Jesus… is king.

There really is a war going on in the world that we were all born into. A war between principalities, powers & spirits.

The God of the bible & Jesus Christ are not only real, but are the singular focus of the worlds preeminent “bad guys” throughout antiquity. Christianity provides the greatest structure for understanding human nature, which is why unscrupulous people use it to demoralize the masses.

Becoming a Christian requires you to receive Gods gift of forgiveness. Once accepted, Its easy to see that love is the strongest weapon in existence.


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