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Realize Your American Dream By Getting Paid To Think & Become A Provider.

Digital tradesmen are those whose skills, dedication & unique vision build the foundation of American greatness, no matter the twists & turns of life. You too, can learn a digital trade for little to no money online and raise your value.

Most people feel the American dream is no longer within grasp of the average person but, there’s a way it can still be achieved. With or without a college education, the only requirement is desire, you have to want it

Make use of the pathways Internet access has opened up for everyday people to acquire specific knowledge. Find your place in the new digital frontier of skilled craftsmen & entrepreneurship.

This post will ignite interest in the different fields that are most likely to remain in high demand regardless of tech innovation or political uncertainty.


Right now, there’s millions of people sitting at home watching the calendar fly by, wasting their time & potential. Time that could be spent learning a skill that pays their bills for a lifetime. These skills can be acquired for free or for very little money through online learning courses which nearly every American has access to.

Restoring Hope

This post is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all digital career fields, instead it should be viewed as a source of hope for those who still wish for a piece of the American dream for themselves.

The Machines Are Coming

Machine learning is a disruptive force that allows software to learn from experience. Able to improve it’s predictive decision making & accuracy over incredibly short spans of time. This can replace vast amounts of physical labor, curation & lifetimes of expert pattern recognition.

People who try to compete with it’s ability to gather data, analyze patterns & implement choices will simply be crushed by it’s never ending potential to mimic decades of on-the-job nuance or expertise.


Soon, widely-available software will allow amateurs to compete with experts while exerting little to no effort. Shortly after that, web-based services that cheaply sell complex work that’s normally done through in-house production teams, will populate the market. Paving the way for an introduction of full “A.I” systems with machine learning elements, which will dominate every non-creative field.


This is why thought-based, creative disciplines that bring digital worlds to life will remain in demand far after “A.I” implementation makes it’s way onto the scene. Tradesmen will always need to learn & adapt to stay relevant, including making use of new technologies as tools, rather than competition.

  • Writers

  • Podcast/Show Producers

  • Videographers/Photographers

  • Video Editors

  • Digital Illustrators(2D/3D)

  • Graphic Designers

Become A Provider

Within a years time, you could become a true “provider” as a digital tradesmen, competing for higher spots while working for any number of online content creators.

Imagine eventually buying your first home or building a family with the money earned from multiple income streams, unstressed about work, in the company of loved ones & making your own path through life.

Even though sometimes your wife, kids & the dog will all bust through the door during a reeeeally important video call… -_-


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