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Gab Trends: The Worlds First People-Powered Newsroom.

Stop Playing Catch-Up And Start Getting Ahead By Taking Control Of Your News Sources.

Discover why Gab Trends offers a better way to consume news from many different sources, in a fast & credible way.

Right now, Apple, Google, Facebook & Twitter control most of the news sources allowed on nearly every device or service. Putting themselves between you and crucial information that could greatly effect the day-to-day decisions you make.

Being trapped in a world of deceptively curated news with seemingly no way out, forces you to take a “lesser-of-two-evils” approach. Funneling you into one - of only a few silos of “accepted truth”

Freedom from this kind of info manipulation comes from using aggregation tools like Gab Trends. This people-powered news source is driven by the activity of actual users & their honest interactions, absent any politically correct agendas.

The Secret To Finding Real News Is Simply Using An Aggregator

As it currently stands, only a handful of large-scale tech companies control the flow of news information through deceptively curated apps and platforms.

Gab Trends makes it easy to consume relevant news from all sides, giving you an accurate understanding of current events, without the mainstream spin.

Virtually all devices & services pipe-in info from Apple, Google, Facebook & Twitter. This great-wall-of-data prevents you from knowing vital info that could change the way you make every day decisions.

At first, you try to find an app from a trustworthy source who reports reliable news. Settling for one of the “approved” three-letter channels with talking heads & suits.

After a while, you notice these outlets seem to have a bias so strong, that even the most fence-sitting, middle-of-the-road libertarian would have to admit their coverage is seriously slanted.

The Gell-Mann Amnesia Effect

Tired of the unfairness in reporting, you download a curated news app from Apple or Google, assuming your going to get a wide range of analysis from a ton of perspectives. Only to find coverage & sources so closely matched that even their layout is nearly identical - all the way down to the design of the apps themselves!

Realizing there's no single source to trust, you decide to only get news from social media, thinking that you'll be able to distinguish between the lies and what's real. That is, until you read misleading articles on a subject your an expert in - seeing first-hand how terribly wrong the journalists actually got it.

Then it clicks…

If there's a considerable amount of mistakes in a topic you're familiar with, imagine how much erroneous nonsense is stuffed into all the other articles where you have no ability to sort through the noise.

Eventually you find yourself cornered, deciding whose narrative-driven version of reality you're going to put-up with.

The Secret War On News Discovery, And What You Can Do About It.

Gab Trends provides freedom from siloed information by collecting articles & stories based on the online activity of real people like you.

The content that fills “Today's Top” & “Trending” sections on the main page are populated based on the dynamic & genuine interactions between users, across multiple platforms including Gabs services (e.g. comments, shares, up/down votes & views).

This approach helps to virtually eliminate “gaming” of the system through mass up-voting, while helping content with low or no engagement to still get listed in trending sections.

To round things out, there's a “Breaking” category that's auto updated by RSS feeds from various news sources. While the only areas that Gab takes direct control over are the first links on the page at the header level, and the “Around the Web” part that focuses on specific source-pages or domains, which are displayed below each post.

Anyone can start a "new trend" simply by pasting a link in the URL bar at the top of the main page. Removing the fear you might have of sharing something too controversial on your personal social accounts. This ability to anonymously share news is essential for protecting your free-speech rights online.

A Level Playing Field For All

Like a now-trending tab on steroids, Gab Trends takes the control of news-discovery away from the “in-crowd” and places everyone on the same level, regardless of status or reputation.

Now that you have the power to equally see news from mainstream media, alternative sources, and citizen journalists…

How will it change the daily decisions that you make about your family & business?


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