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About Issac Hopkins

You Don't Have To Be A Celebrity To Have A Personal Brand

The Amazing Branding Secrets Of A Savage Wordsmith

Finally,  Someone Who Gets Entrepreneurs & Influencers.

Most marketing firms & agencies only solve advertising problems, yet people approach them looking for help with business and life goals.


Purely aesthetic & subjective solutions to big challenges won't get results that have a real impact. That's why I focus on solving specific problems through the art & science of Personal Branding.

I'll guide you every step of the way, using an easy to follow system designed to diagnose your specific challenges before offering any solutions. This process ensures we discover everything that's
uniquely YOU, and capture what's essential to your brand.

Savage Wordsmith & Epiphany Chaser.

American Waymaker represents the spirit of individual exceptionalism, and how faith in a higher power guides us towards achievements beyond our imagination.

Issac Hopkins

Founding Director

Issac Hopkins is an award-winning digital content creator & brand strategist. Founder & CEO of American Waymaker, where he oversees the creative and strategic direction of the company.

He received his BFA from the Art Institute of Washington and since then he’s lectured at: the Nantucket chamber of commerce, Art Institute of Washington, Gibbs College Connecticut, Trinity College, University of Hartford, Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art and more.

Meet The Greatest Issac Ever In Personal Branding

The precise number of times...

Someone's asked to touch my beard.


A client & I said "Exactly" at the same time.


Public speaking events.


Emails thanking me for clarifying their business.

What You Should Know About Me.

I Believe...
  •  Building effective thought-leadership on industry topics, and avoiding attention-traffic by creating a lane of your own, is the best way to stand out.

  • Brand is built online, through scaled relevance, to many more consumer segmentations than TV or programmatic digital has been able to afford. 

  • Developing a scalable business model where your team handles the day-to-day operations, and you're not doing SO much of the work yourself is the only way to be free. 

  • The context of your message is necessary, because the platform you’re on changes the way your mind works, what you’re looking for and what you intend on doing there.

Faith Based Purpose Guided Mission Focused

Here's the deal,

You show up with your expert knowledge, high-performance mindset and all of the leftover parts that never made it into the finished piece.

I'll bring a fresh pair of eyes, a great looking beard, and my ability to translate what you mean, into a message that connects with customers and converts like crazy.

Let’s control how people see you, before they ever meet you, so you’re not chasing opportunities,  instead they're chasing YOU.

Give Your Marketing An Unfair Advantage Over All The Rest
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