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Understand your blind spot & learn how to fight back against political warfare.

Hypocrisy pointing & condemning peers is a trap.

Conservatives have a blind spot that everyone, except themselves know of. They have an amazing ability to be treated unfairly, maliciously attacked or flat-out lied about, yet all they can think to do is point out the unfairness of it all.

Leftists don’t care at all about hypocrisy, it’s a non-factor to them, but they understand that it’s really important to YOU.

This post will make you aware of this weapons-grade technique used to manipulate conservatives into self-isolation & ultimately… extinction.


Well meaning & right leaning people mistakenly believe leftist media narratives, quick to attack peers in an attempt to distance themselves from the accused. Destroying all unit cohesion in the process of condemning the “men in the arena”, who inevitably are imperfect in their efforts.

This post aims to help moral people identify the flaws in their reasoning that allow unprincipled actors to take advantage of them.

The Marked Zebra

When conservatives are in the cross-hairs of a corrupt individual or group that spitefully accuses them of a terrible misdeed, yet playfully excuse the same actions on their side, the typical reaction by the rationalists is hypocrisy pointing. They begin describing in great detail how the left isn’t held to any standards, nor do they seem to display any sense of shame.

This only triggers right leaning influencers to scatter! They draw parallels between the accused and the leftists they claim to be more honorable than. All while hiding behind a series of attorney-approved phrases, that rely on leftist propaganda to back up their claims of properly signaled virtue.

Other leftists who see the division caused by targeted disinformation, go after the individual like a marked zebra. Looking to take them down with further accusations & absurd lies.


At this point the accused individual can only think to highlight the double-standard being applied, hoping for some political referee to make the right call on their behalf. Maybe a libertarian!

The hypocrisy-loop is now self-sustaining & no longer requires any external input from the evil-doers. Conservatives continue to condemn the actions of those who made mistakes, abandoning their former colleagues to mob justice in the process.

These betrayed individuals become outcasts, forming new groups which are demonized and used as examples of even more false narratives.


The left discovered this conservative glitch because right-wingers find these tactics to be repulsive, weak & beneath them. These tactics need to be taken seriously as effective weapons of political warfare, the source of frustration at the heart of every patriot that feels lost or overcome by this creeping force.

The way you fight back, is through CONTENT! Provide a counter-narrative of truth, that’s fun & entertaining. One that makes no apologies for the character, wisdom and irresistible creativity that the left simply does not possess.

Understand your enemies' strengths

The true anti-establishment needs to defend their flawed teammates publicly & embrace them as imperfect people on the path to becoming better, by calling out the lies.

Refuse to condemn the people on the side of truth until shown irrefutable evidence of their crimes. Until then, spread the good news through music, writing, video or any way that tells the truth!

Even if it sometimes means, you may have to use their gross, yet effective leftist tactics.


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