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Gain peace of mind and be prepared with

this guide for withstanding leftist assaults.

Like Viking raiders of the past, modern day bands of acronym-clad marauders threaten the safety & wealth of American business owners.

These thieves don’t craft boats & swing swords. Instead they form non-profits to wage legal, political & cultural wars, under the banner of liberal activism.

A handful of activists, working with a leftist organization could ruin your entire business through a single publication.

This article is meant to help guide those under siege by leftist mobs, who bang at the gates with a complicit media, backed by treacherous politicians.



Small businesses all over the country operate as servants of their community. Activists realize this, and have learned to leverage public pressure to extract wealth from local establishments.

The goal of this article is to provide a resource that helps you prepare for, or navigate a “PR” nightmare surrounding your business.

Activist groups are taking aggressive actions in gathering resources & attention by creating controversies around small businesses and their owners. This form of modern day Viking, rapes the reputation of a company, to then pillage its assets. They can be identified by their infatuation with Communism, along with a passion for fairness.

Many businesses attempt to defer the focus of these bandits by presenting "don’t hurt me displays", in deceptive solidarity with leftist causes.

They generally accept these offerings just long enough to fool you into believing your safe, only to ambush you as soon as they need something to burn.


They seek out a proprietor that looks like a good “mark”, someone they could attack & control. This tends to be someone who lives a life incompatible with leftist ideology or may be vocal about their opinions towards adversaries.

Once targeted, your life is forever changed through sustained combat in the form of legal, political & cultural warfare.

Eventually escalating to the point where a horde of dark clothed, identity-driven activists march to your home, backed by a sympathetic media narrative and violent threats against your family inside…

5 Tips to survive a leftist berserker attack

Nothing in life is 100% guaranteed, but this nightmare is avoidable to some degree if precautions are taken.

Wait… and get some guns

Leftists are creatures of instant gratification. Simply hiding out for two weeks is sometimes good enough for the mob to get bored before moving on to a new target. If they have no direct ability to cause you damage, then lay low and let their attention deficit disorder kick in. Also, nows the time to make proper defense in case things go bad. The last thing you want to worry about, is how to protect yourself, family & staff once violence finds you.

Never apologize & lawyer up

Under no circumstance should you ever apologize for anything, even if you are sorry. What’s the point of an apology? Its the recognition of a mistake and a promise to course-correct, as the person hurt, offers forgiveness in return.

In this instance, the left uses your kindness against you as they don’t believe in your concept of forgiveness. Instead all apologies are viewed as signs of submission to authority, a public form of self-debasement that grants permission for more hazing by those who supposedly, were offended.

During this time you’ll want to seek some kind of legal council, regardless if you can financially afford to or not. There’s many lawyers who are experienced in this situation and will help you in some capacity. There’s also cultural influencers like Alex Jones, Andrew Torba & Steven Crowder have been under sustained attack for years but still made headway in spite of it.

Reject requests for comment from mainstream media

The rookie mistake when dealing with “Journalists” is believing their intentions are pure. Their goal is to reach out for comment, only as verification of contact. Next they’ll take your quotes out of context, changing the meaning by swapping which questions relate to what answers. Then, an article will be released about you, most likely with a false narrative and outright lies. By the time your legal council reaches out to the publication for a retraction, the article will have been seen by millions of people who’ve already made up their minds and joined the mob against you. The retraction will ultimately be published at a time and location where attention is low, well after anyone cares to search for it. This method is well documented and is standard practice by virtually all mainstream media outlets.

Control the narrative

Your refusal to speak with them will be scorned, using “silence is violence” as their battle cry. Be careful on who you decide to give an interview to, as their goal is to distort your message, painting you as a villain regardless of best efforts. Stick to trusted companies that value truth ahead of anything else, giving you the best chance of honestly conveying your story & message. This is also your best chance of fund raising as you’ll need financial help at some point during this ordeal.

A short list of reputable agencies and journalists.

Don’t accept any deals

Power-players will propose “deals” trying to appeal to your desire for an end to the madness. Offering a clean slate in exchange for some sort of gesture in the form of Monetary “contributions” or self-debasement, both of which regrettably admit your the Nazi they believe you to be.

Always practice your fire escape plan

Resilient businesses plan for worst-case scenarios to fend off massive oversights. The single greatest threat to any company in modern day, is liberal activism, and ignoring it is a costly mistake.

It sucks to prepare for yet another issue, on top of all the other liabilities your concerned about – unfortunately violent protests are more common than fires, but you still plan for those too...right?


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