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The Simple System That Helps You Take Charge Of Your Life, Become More Influential & Get Paid What You’re Worth!


What would a clear understanding of your personal brand mean for you?

Personal Branding    Ghostwriting    Strategy

" Issac Hopkins Uses An Outsiders Shortcut To Building A Personal Brand That Will Supercharge Your Business, Your Wealth, And Your Life...
Even If You've Tried Everything Else Before! "

You see, my background is actually in video game design, where I spent countless hours learning the psychology of how to make video game players feel smart, special and unique.

Most people that play games don’t want to be told what to do. They don’t want to be bothered with a tutorial or anything that gets in the way of the experience they’re looking to have.

What Makes This System Different Than All The Rest?

The short answer is because I've designed it entirely from the ground up using my background in videogame design and taking it out into the trenches of the business world. 

I've spent over 10+ years refining the system, getting knocked down and getting back up so you don't have to. 


I've learned all the hard lessons, and took all the qualities that make videogames alarmingly successful, and converted them into a simplified marketing shortcut.


Not only that, but I've read well over 100 books on branding, sales, behavioral science, persuasion, neuro-linguistic programming and social engineering. Not to mention the countless thousands of dollars I’ve spent to attend seminars from the very best leaders in those fields.


A Process That Finds The Best Ideas.

Personal Branding,  Ghostwriting  &  Strategy

You and your top decision-makers join me for a series of stress-free, facilitated exercises aimed at understanding your challenges, customers & priorities, all through my Discovery Session.

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Designed For;

Founders Entrepreneurs

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to chat with an Waymaker now.

(Your competition is reading this too, but again, you’re free to make up your own mind.)

What I'm Doing Here Will Probably Get Me Attacked… 

What I'm doing here is very controversial. In fact, it will most likely get me attacked by virtually all marketing “experts” and labeled as crazy. 


The reason why, is all these marketers understand how effective these methods are and don't want them available to someone like you, who won't have any need for a clout-chasing advertising agency.


They want it so that only large advertising agencies, public relation firms and corporations can use the power of personal branding.


To me, that's ridiculously unfair to keep an entrepreneur and thought leader like you in the dark, just because your not backed by corporate or government king-makers.

My system works. It’s battle tested, and my private clients who I've led through this innovative process have proven it over and over again. But rather than me just talking about the results, let me show you.

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to chat with an Waymaker now.

Mastermind Your Brand

Discover everything that's uniquely YOU, and capture what's essential to your brand.

Scale Everything

Achieve your biggest life & business goals through a battle-tested planning process.

Co-Design The Path

A fresh set of eyes & ears with expert coaching to support your Creative direction at every step of the way.

Could You Recreate This System Yourself? 

Of course you could. Only it would take years of learning, thousands of hours of research and testing, PLUS stacks and stacks of cash invested in education and then… you’d have your very own system. 

What I’m offering you here today is leverage.

You see, only the sharpest and most successful minds understand how to use leverage when they see it, and that's what I'm inviting you to do here now.

This process is the one advantage your competition wished you would’ve never found out about!

Waymaker Personal Branding

The Busy Mans Way To Wealth

Spread your investment out over time

Start on budget & Stay on budget

Compounding interest on returns

Data Directed Results

Improve through experimentation

Split testing for fine tuned results

Month over month improvement

Break-through Copywriting

No charging by the word

Scalable compliance copy

Fluent in politically
    correct landmines

Advertising Agency

High-Risk Bet

⚠️ Huge time commitment 

⚠️ Many revisions required

⚠️ Plagiarized or off-topic copy

Unpredictable Results

⚠️ Based on speculation

⚠️ Mis-aligned values or culture

⚠️ Poor feedback & communication

VS button_2x.png

You Could Write Everything On Your Own, But...

If you're really strong in high-level sales tactics, complex psychological concepts or persuasion skills - and don't mind going through the time consuming & tough process of deep research... then go for it.

Or, you can take advantage of the shortcuts I know, because it gives you step-by-step guidance on exactly how to reach your business & branding goals.


Forget the marketing agencies that sit your business on a conveyor belt and pass off your calls to service-reps in India.


This is what you need, a personal contact and someone to hold accountable.


Who knows YOU and where you want to be.

Sure, you can keep doing what you've been doing...

But let's be real  -  You wouldn’t have read up until this point if you wanted that.

Click the "See If I Qualify" button
to chat with an Waymaker now.

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Why Build Your Personal Brand?

100% Satisfaction Guarantee


If I don't clarify your brands purpose, align your goals & find a path that you're happy with... then I'll make adjustments until you're satisfied,
at no extra charge.

And if for any reason you want someone else to fulfill your brand's deliverables, you're welcomed to take the fully complete Brand Strategy to someone else, and have them create content for you instead. All with my blessing.

Voice Your Brand's Purpose
Align Life & Business Goals
Design A Way There

How To Get Started

As always, you're free to make up your own mind.

See If We're A Good Fit

Chat with a Waymaker to discuss your ideas, goals & determine if we should work together.

Handle The Paperwork

Review the business proposal & make an investment that will position you to win.

Schedule Your Session

Lock-in your Discovery Session date and enjoy exclusive access to Waymaker onboarding.

All Services Are Available In-Person Or Fully Remote

If you're local and prefer to meet in-person, I'll show up to your office, 

making it easy to get started, communicate clearly & free-up your time.


Get everything from the comfort of your own home or office through convenient video calls, messages & timely responses.

Click the "See If I Qualify" button
to chat with an Waymaker now.

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This Isn't For Everyone

The results of my 5-Step Market Immersion Process are so powerful, I’m not working with just anyone who offers to pay.


I only work with business owners who listen to feedback

and turn advice into action. 

If that's not you, then we're not a good fit.

But if you are...


Secure your spot before it's too late, because these slots get snatched-up pretty far in advance. 

So, if you’re ready to get your branding on point, don’t wait to apply!

What You're Getting

  • Dedicated Coaching

  • Sounding Board

  • Creative Direction

  • Strategic Diagnosis

  • Content & Action Guide

  • Conversion System

  • Multi-Use Webcopy

  • Audience-Driven Result

Don't let anymore opportunities pass you by because of mediocre messaging.

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