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The worlds top 10 most important content creators use THIS checklist before they post!

A simplified checklist to make sure everything you post has the best chance of going viral, making cash & smashing goals!


So you just got your new content and you’re ready to get posting!

Well, there’s a few things you should know before jumping into the wild world of social media.

It’s important to make sure our goals are realistic, and our mindset is dialed-in, before publishing anything online. This way, we can avoid any major disasters.

If you want more details on how to do that, then keep an eye out for my next guide on ⟶ How To Avoid Social Media Mistakes & Disasters

If you’re hoping to go viral on the first post and have your Lamborghini delivered by next Wednesday - then, maybe take a step back for a minute…

We’re starting the long journey of consistent messaging. Which means, this will take time to work.

Now, I’M NOT SAYING IT COULDN’T GO VIRAL, but let’s not decide on how many floors our super yacht should have just yet.

So, use this check list to make sure you don’t miss crucial opportunities and audience building moments that only happen at certain stages of the content creation process.


I Want To Start Posting! (1/5)

Are you putting all your focus into just one channel?

Until you get the hang of things, let’s put all effort into only one single channel/platform. You’ll want to have one starting point where all other content will trickle down from.

Are you planning what to post, with your content calendar?

  • Relying on your content calendar helps you plan out the topics, themes, & posting times well in advance.

Did you consider the order your content should be published in?

If a post has links to related articles or past content, make sure it gets published in the right order, so the links work and everything makes sense.

How Should I Post My Content? (2/5)

Are you posting natively or automated?

You got two choices, you could post using an automated scheduler that posts for you at specific times. Or, you can post natively, which means you’re just directly accessing the platform, pasting in the content, and hitting the share button.

Are you saying the same thing in many ways?

  • Don’t burn through all of your posts immediately. Stick to one subject & talk a bit more about the key points. You’ll get bored of a topic way before your audience does.

  • Use your brand lexicon to choose other words that mean the same thing.

  • Adapt your language to appeal to more customer segmentations, with a different language for EACH group.

  • Use the words your customers ACTUALLY SAY, and stay away from complicated or unnecessary jargon.

Oh Crap, I Posted It… What Now? (3/5)

Did you engage with the audience?

Be first to comment on your post and ask a question that motivates the audience to get involved. For example, tell readers to comment the word “Savage” as a way to let you know they want more content like this. Or, simply tag someone whose attention you’re looking to get.

Did you tell the audience what to do next?

Make sure you give the audience one clear action to follow. Telling people to like, share & follow is a good way to have them do nothing instead. Pick ONE call-to-action that’s specific, easy & clear.

Did you ask for feedback?

Direct message your new post to someone with more status than yourself and ask for tips or feedback. Fishing for advice and suggestions is a good way to get a high-level re-share or just great feedback.

Hey Look, It’s Getting Views! (4/5)

Are you Tracking Performance?

Most social media platforms have tools to track metrics like engagement, reach, and demographics. You could also use third party analytics software to track the performance of your posts.

Are you looking for patterns?

Use performance data to refine your strategy. Adapt your content based on what resonates the most with your audience.

Are You Setting Boundaries?

Don’t spend the next three days refreshing the page and watching the view counter tick up. Content creation is very time-consuming, so don’t make things worse by stressing over the data as it comes in. Review your analytics at specific intervals & chill out.

What Else Can I Do? (5/5)

Are you repurposing content from your main channel?

  • Take the same content from your main channel and turn it into different forms/formats.

  • Break blog posts into parts and use screen-shots to repurpose written content into photos or videos.

  • Re-use top performing content by simply giving it a new headline and new cover image.

  • Take your written content and just say it to the camera. Repackage everything in all the ways people like to consume media.


How Do I Make My Own Content?

Follow my Endless Content Plan below and you’ll be able to create a never-ending stream of media on your own, or with your team.

▼ How do I come up with new topics?

Focus on serving your customers by improving your products. This will keep your content relevant and feeling fresh.

  1. Identify every pain-point or objection your target audience has.

  2. List them all out. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

  3. Go down the list and create unique solutions, tips, or directions for each item.

  4. Turn those solutions into your content topics.

  5. Find more problems, solve them & repeat steps 1-5 again.

▼ What type of content should I post?

➜Authority Content:

This demonstrates how you provide value to customers, solve problems or get them closer to their desired goals. It’s usually related to things that drive the business. Links to webinars, products, services, blog posts, etc.

  • What your first time working with “X” should look like…

  • A day in the life of…

  • How-to guides

  • Social proof

➜Growth Content:

This kind of content feeds the audience’s need for validation and focuses on community engagement. Think along the lines of inspirational platitudes or uplifting fortune cookie messages.

  • Gifts, give-aways & events

  • Community announcements

  • Shoutouts & praise

➜Personality Content:

Show the world more of your personality, who you are and what it’s like to be you. Be relatable by sharing what books you’re into, your mindset and help onboard new viewers who don’t yet know you.

  • Little known facts about yourself

  • Behind-the-scenes

  • Outside interests

  • Current events

➜Collaboration Content:

Partner with other creators or professionals to expand your audience. This is great for getting cross-over exposure into a whole new group of people who never knew you existed, but are hungry for your content.

  • Resources

  • Interviews

  • Events

▼ How often should I post?

There is no standard amount of content you SHOULD post, only what works for you, and can be done consistently. So, think like you’re running a media company - aim for “More, Better, New”.

MORE content beats no content.

Always prioritize quantity over quality. A well thought-out, high-quality piece of content is great and may perform fantastically, but if you only put out one a month, then you’ll never be able to compete. Imagine if companies only ran commercials once a week… sales would flatline.

After making more content, make it even BETTER.

After making lots of content, you’ll get better through shear reps. This process will help you establish your own quality standards and understand exactly how long it takes you to get things done.

Once it’s better, make it NEW.

Stay ahead of your competition by repeating the whole process every time you think people are starting to copy or steal your style. Find a new type of content and start posting a bunch of it. Soon, you’ll get better, before needing to innovate and do it again.

Here’s an example of what DAILY posting might look like for you;

➜One-Liner Post: 1x/day

Just share a simple message, thought or idea. Super short.

➜Insider Post: 1x/day

Post something only for those in the “know”. Jargon-heavy industry secrets or hyper community focused content.

➜Value-Based Posts: 2x/day

Make two posts that answer a question or solve a problem your audience may be having. This could be something simple, like explaining how to use a new software feature, or detailing the steps of a little-known process.

➜Authority Post: 1x/day

One solid authority-based post per day will go a long way towards building a strong audience and online brand that creates more leads than most people’s paid marketing.

PS 👇 - One last piece of value before wrapping up here…

Where Should I Post?


Understand that “platform” changes the message, which means you should adapt your content to the platform you’ll be posting on. Every platform has a “feel" or “vibe”. You’ll need to package your content within that wrapper for people to feel comfortable engaging with it.

Meta users are used to seeing content that looks a certain way.

Instagram users are used to seeing content that looks a certain way.

Twitter users are used to seeing content that looks a certain way.

And, if you don’t believe me, try starting an Onlyfans account for your coaching business… yeah, exactly😉


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