One Question No Business Owner Can Resist...

Is copywriting art, or science?

All high-performance areas in your life reach a certain point, where no single expertise, approach or skillset is capable of reaching the crown.

Only at the highest levels of performance can these limitations be exposed, sometimes threatening everything you've worked for in the process.

For Waymaker the answer is a combination of both art & science, blending the two in a way that flows with human nature to reach business goals.

How to achieve true super powers in business

The Builder & The Seller

Waymaker represents the duality of ideas needed to breakthrough to new levels, using hard & soft skills that push high-performance individuals to the top.



Issac Hopkins

Founding Director

Issac Hopkins is an award-winning digital content creator & brand strategist. Founder & CEO of American Waymaker, where he oversees the creative and strategic direction of the company.

He received his BFA from the Art Institute of Washington and since then he’s lectured at: the Nantucket chamber of commerce, Art Institute of Washington, Gibbs College Connecticut, Trinity College, University of Hartford, Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art and more.

Tons of surprises inside

What All Potential Clients Should Know About Me

The precise number of times...


Someone's asked to touch my beard.


A client & I said "Exactly" at the same time.


Public speaking events.


Emails thanking me for clarifying their business.

Meet The Greatest Issac Ever in Copywriting

Still Catching Wins since 2018

Match-making services & freelancers only solve basic content problems, yet businesses approach them looking for help in reaching financial goals.


Purely aesthetic & subjective solutions to business goals won't get results that matter. 

However, I focus on solving specific business challenges, through the art & science of

strategy-guided copywriting

Is My Philosophy




The Process

I'll help guide you every step of the way using an easy, systematic approach designed to understand & pinpoint your specific business challenges before making anything.


This ensures that everything I end up writing will be guided & directed by a carefully-crafted strategy that's truly unique to your brand.

Image by Rita Morais


You imagine yourself doing big things & you know where you want to go, only...


The direction is wide & the details are a little fuzzy.
Before you can realize your vision for the future, we first have to get a solid understanding of your brand.


This is done through a structured framework that I call my "5-Step Market Immersion Process


It's designed to clarify your message & align your team in days, instead of months or even years


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5-Step Market Immersion Process

Are We A Good Fit

Here's the deal,

You show up with your expert knowledge, high-performance mindset and all of the leftover parts that never made it into the finished piece.

I'll bring a fresh pair of eyes, a great looking beard, focused ears and my ability to translate what you mean, into a message that connects with customers and converts like crazy.

As a team, we'll vaporize your competition & see break-through results for your business.

Give Your Marketing Unfair Advantage Over All The Rest

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