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Restore the greatness of America & take back control of your life by learning how to defeat leftist tactics.

Most conservatives understand their in a war & are tired of the lefts hypocrisy. Only the question remains,“How do we fight back”?

The disorienting nature of the battle ahead is complicated because of a weakness inherent to right leaning Christians. A vulnerability that’s been mastered by the enemy, allowing them to never present a clear target.

Many believe that when conflict arises, they’ll be ready because they train Jujitsu three times a week, and practice at the range constantly. Unaware that the weapons being used against them are designed to utterly avoid all scenarios that require those skills.

In this post you’ll understand what “fighting back” looks like for every-day Americans who’ve seen enough of their country slip into ruin, through terrible policies and a declining culture.


Freedom loving Americans are waking up to the malicious actors whose sole purpose is to make words offensive. These words are replaced with another word that means exactly the same thing, which will eventually be used to offend as well.

This post aims to help you identify the reasoning behind this type of mental ambush & specify the steps in how to counter attack a dangerous, yet passive-aggressive enemy.

You’re done with it. Seen enough. Voting is a joke, basic biology is being disregarded, kids are taught to hate their heritage & half of the country has disconnected from reality.

You’ve tried to tip-toe around nonsensical cultural issues and focus on your small part of the world. Taken steps to avoid offending people, even showing support for some of these causes. Sometimes at the expense of your own personal beliefs, because if what they say is true, then you’d be on the same side as them….. If, it were true.

Except your message isn’t received in the way you hoped. As people still found a way to be offended by the slightest thing. Because of their addiction to the power of righteous indignation, gestures of peace are viewed as “Don’t hurt me displays”. A sign of weakness to be attacked through lies and coercion, as the mob consumes anyone who doesn’t fight for their cause.


This message of “convert or die” has the backing of politicians who seemingly control the street thugs who enforce their dictates.

These people who believe in multiple false realities made of contradictions stacked a mile high, are now turning their attention to business owners. In classic Communist fashion, they fight to take everything from you via the power of the state.

The enemy intentions become clear as you discover their ability to infiltrate an institution, wearing it away from the inside. Favoring indirect confrontation carried out through legal, political & cultural warfare. Together functioning as conservative Kryptonite.


Understanding your enemy

Legal war:

A.k.a “Lawfare” is the use of our court system as a weapon. Trapping someone in an extended cycle of litigation with the intention of draining them financially. Although their cases against you may be lost or even futile to begin with, the damage sustained to ones livelihood, mental & personal wellness is disastrous.

Political war:

Employs the media as a weapon by creating false narratives that tarnish the public perception of an individual, group or business. This is combined with street-level activism that motivates mobs to enact violence against people, property or both.

Culture war:

Is primarily fought by attacking words. The banning, replacing or addition of vocabulary is an effective tool at manipulating the minds of entire populations. Deceptively gaining sympathy or building hatred towards viewpoints & ideas.

How to fight back:

Mounting an effective counter attack against this kind of enemy isn’t very dramatic or flashy in the slightest. Instead it seems rather boring… that is until you actually try it.

Walk the walk:

No one buys diet books written by fat people, for the same reason no one respects a person who doesn’t practice what they preach. Do not take part in a destructive culture because you’re too lazy to do the heavy lifting of arranging your life in accordance with your values. Accomplish whatever it takes to start!

  • Get off mainstream social media sites in favor of ones that protect free speech.

  • Work with other parents to home school your kids.

  • Do not be embarrassed to share your love for Jesus and his teachings.

Produce content:

Provide young people with a digital apprenticeship, where they can absorb your knowledge through stories. The primary way people learn, engage and retain wisdom is through story telling. Whether through video, song, podcast or in person, your experience is valuable.

The greatest weapon against a world of lies is speaking truth in story form while mocking evil. Don’t believe it? Try it and watch the demons in your life expose themselves. If you really want to be a rebel, broadcast your love for Jesus and his gift of forgiveness & grace. Then watch as the “mental illness” strikes the trendy people around you.

Support those who do:

Have generational vision, helping the young & old to work together in telling these stories of greatness, cautionary tales & mythologies. If creating content isn’t possible for you, donate to the people whose work amplifies your values. Exchange business services with a strong in-group preference for those promoting a moral America.

Restoring a civilization

Soon you’ll find yourself bravely sharing your wisdom, using the specialized skills and knowledge you’ve acquired in life to teach everyone within reach.

Don’t be surprised when a community of like minded Americans gather to support your story and begin to integrate these messages into their daily lives. Taking personal responsibility for doing the hard work of restoring a civilization means you cannot hope that “someone else” will fix the problem. Start small within your own community and build outward from there.

Although this’ll attract plenty of attention from villainous people, you’ll also make friendships stronger than you thought possible, all while living a life worth talking about.


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