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The massive advantage of Bible-based advertising

Learn how to apply Christian principles to study consumer behaviors, choices & preferences.

Solving practical problems

While others are focused on data collection to identify consumer habits, why not reference the most longstanding human case study ever?

Predicting how to serve the needs of your audience across markets, regions or cultures is a constant puzzle all business owners face. Relying solely on customer data often reflects the will of outside influences, in place of the individual.

Todays advertising is focused on using a slew of services aimed at analyzing the interactions people have with brands, primarily through the search history and social media experiences had on mobile phones.

Learn how a biblical perspective on marketing will help solve practical problems giving your brand a massive advantage through an understanding of universal advertising cues that travel across cultures & time…

Biological blueprints

Current marketing experts believe people come into the world as blank minds to be filled with modern culture and offered products based around the trends of society. Yet, biological psychology research shows that the Christian perspective is far more accurate in predicting human patterns.

This post will help you understand how Christian principles derive deep insights through an understanding of innate biological blueprints. considering a combination of biology & environment to produce unique marketing results.

Because of the progress app-based companies have made, the push for data collection schemes have crept into everyone's business strategies.

You might have tried using Google ad-sense, not really knowing what or how it’s helping. Maybe even played around with some social media management services or payed for access to a data library hoping it’ll result in sales.

Only to realize your spending way more money in marketing services than what’s actually being sold.

Tracking every blink

Eventually you buckle down, thinking “ok, I’m gonna learn this marketing SEO stuff”.

So you dive deep into learning how to measure every movement your customers make. From the home-page to checkout, including how many breaths they took along the way and whether or not that side-banner made them feel enough happy feelings inside.

Now every facet of your marketing becomes overly focused on tracking tons of metrics. Feeding your customers hyper-specific advertisements and still not receiving the results you hoped for. All these headaches, At the expense of your time, energy & doing what you love.

Morals are like math.

An accurate understanding of how people make choices isn’t complete without recognizing the insights of human nature that the Bible Contains. Functioning as a massive case study, it covers nearly every meaningful human interaction & decision-making process without the need for large-scale data mining schemes.

This understanding is worth far more than any Facebook ad, allowing you to predict the biases or preferences of people with wisdom that endures time, culture & trends.

The incorporation of Christian theology into your marketing strategy produces a math-like formation of predictable patterns, based on human perception & biological tendencies.

Very little in consumer behavior makes sense outside of Christian principles & the understanding of universal human nature.

The ability to solve practical problems through the application of wise data will save time, money & energy. Helping you plan for outcomes far ahead instead of relying on temperamental feedback that changes with the wind.

There’s nothing wrong with using analytics to help find customers, but it doesn’t take a super computer to tell you that men love fast cars, or little girls like ponies.


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