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Lavender Farm Wellness

Case Study

Massage & bodywork for improved function, restoring agency to ones mind, body…and life.

30 miles off the coast of Massachusetts lives a business, determined to disrupt the wellness industry on an exclusive New England island. Lavender Farm Wellness created a way to revolutionize massage & bodywork, but had problems finding their message while trying to grow. How to best compliment existing services with customer experience? They knew a re-brand wasn’t the solution, instead brand-alignment was their goal.

The founders of this Nantucket company then attended a live event, held by SquishyBrick on how to position & market brands. After watching the presentation, they felt our studio had the answers needed, to face the challenges preventing them from seeing new growth.

In order to achieve alignment across all services & offerings from LFW, we setup a Discovery Workshop. A fun, facilitated planning process spread out over, two very strategic days. Each days work session is comprised of several low stress exercises, designed to help us clearly define three key areas --- brand, customers, business goals & how to prioritize it all.

After wrapping-up the workshop, we craft a briefing document with the insights gathered. This briefing acts as a “brand guide”, informing all content & messaging going forward. This process helped LFW to cover massive amounts of ground in days, instead of months.


Brand Strategy



Prioritizing the many services, products & offerings that a well established business has, all without turning away customers.


SquishyBrick was able to align LFW’s messaging & services in a way that’s clear, putting the whole team

on the same page. Helping to build a stable platform

for creating awareness, increasing revenue & efficiency.

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