We build reading experiences

Website copy, Product descriptions,

Ebooks & attractive Presentations.

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We love to help teams build understandable & relatable experiences that resonate with their customers through strategy, copywriting & design.

We help emerging

products get noticed.


Brand Discovery 

We transform your brands message & goals into an engaging, understandable story that delivers a truly unique experience for your customers.

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Brand Strategy & Copywriting

We build empowering, clarifying copy designed

to help bring alignment to your brand and team.

2-12 weeks

Brand Strategy,

Copywriting + Design

We create custom-branded content to help your team fully translate their ideas & tell their story, through

beautifully designed slide-decks, ebooksblogs.


Get back to doing what you love

Three steps is all it takes


A fun, facilitated series of exercises designed to help you define your brand, understand your audience

and prioritize your marketing.


We'll create your unique brand experience designed to help you pitch, persuade & inspire.


You'll have several, pre-planned

opportunities to make sure everything is perfectly in-line with our strategy before the final deliverables are sent!


​1 - Where is SquishyBrick based?
We are based out of Nantucket, right off the coast of Massachusetts.


2 - What am I getting if I work with SquishyBrick?
SquishyBrick is a collaborative resource working on your side, to clarify, align & strategize your brand experience efforts. Guiding you every step of the way, as we bring your ideas to life through strategy guided copywriting.

3 - The content in my project is confidential. How do you handle privacy concerns?
We greatly value confidentiality, and make use of a knowledgeable process that'll allow you to rest easy at night. We utilize systems & software that prioritize user privacy with military grade encryption whenever we’re handling client projects. We're also happy to discuss any NDA's that you might require.


Can you help me with key content & messaging across multiple web pages?
Yes! We're all about crafting the perfect story to help you stand out & connect with your customers.


Do I get any revisions?
You sure do! You get two revision cycles, strategically placed in our creation process to ensure you feel comfortable with the direction before moving forward.


Where can I see your previous work?
You can find our case studies on the "Work" page.

How long does a project take to complete?
While keeping in mind that every project is unique, for copywriting alone, roughly 2-weeks.

Copywriting & design can take between 2 to 12 weeks, depending on a handful of factors that could make timelines expand or shrink. If you need more specific info please reach out to us "here".



Do you accept rush projects?
We do but, these projects must meet some basic requirements before we take them on. Reach out to us for more info about rush projects.


9 What makes you different from all the other studios out there?

Typical studios only solve design problems.  SquishyBrick focuses on solving business challenges, through the art & science of strategy guided copywriting. Learn more about "our approach here".



10 Your out of my price-range at this moment, 

       Do you have any other cost effective ways to help me?
Many! We have an assortment of helpful and knowledgeable solutions on our "Tools & Resources" page. Our resources are designed specifically with entrepreneurs & boot-strapped businesses in mind.

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