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Beard Care Gang

Case Study

A beard-care lifestyle brand, whose laying the ground work for a community of connoisseurs.

The founders of Beard-Care-Gang set out to establish a community based around their passion for creating essential beard-care products that simplify and promote a healthy daily ritual for men. To do this, they wanted to foster a community of not only men, but the women who love the sight & feel of a well groomed beard.

SquishyBricks mission was to help Beard-Care-Gang set the foundation for this community by building a series of story-based, “evergreen” blog posts. Each designed to address the most common challenges for those new to the bearded lifestyle.

Our approach needed to be well informed & current with the methods that someone might use to alleviate their concerns.


Brand strategy
Web-Copy & Messaging
Content marketing


Developing a strategy for an early-stage company to stand out & rank among more established brands.


Using value-based content, SquishyBrick was able to help Beard-Care-Gang see all new web traffic growth, while building a brand experience their readers loved.

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The Team

Beard-Care-Gang is a company that produces a line of proprietary hair care products for men's beards. Operating out of Atlanta Georgia, they cater towards black hair styles & culture while still appealing to a wider audience.

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The Challenge

After receiving great press coverage and with it, a large demand for their smash-hit beard balm, the founders of Beard-Care-Gang were enjoying their new found notoriety. During their R&D phase for the up coming year, they were surprised to find how many men where using their wives hair products to kit-bash together a solution for managing their beards. They realized that most men lacked a consistent, go-to method of caring for their facial hair that didn’t involve daily bouts of trial & error with whatever they’d find in the bathroom or kitchen cabinets.


Beard-Care-Gang wanted to give men the knowledge and effective tools to easily maintain a great look without resorting to complicated treatments or expensive products.


At this point, they had only focused on marketing products directly to consumers, through a mostly transactional manner. Although this process was enjoyable, they felt there was potential to engage customers on an even deeper level.

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The Strategy


Healthy Connoisseurs

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The Path

Maintaining the company culture was important, so they couldn’t make any trend-seeking moves, as that would throw off their customer base. They tried working with a variety of social media influencers to promote the bearded lifestyle, through product reviews and unboxings, but it didn’t yield the results they hoped for. That’s when Beard-Care-Gang tasked SquishyBrick with finding a way to establish a strong brand base that all future content would be built on top of.  

Over a couple of video calls, we guided Beard-Care-Gang through our Discovery session, where we uncovered key elements of the brand’s attributes, goals, message and customers. Initially, they thought the way forward was through social media and boosted posts. The challenge was how to create the quantities of unique content needed to stand out and avoid production fatigue in the process.


Creating content around beard maintenance doesn’t seem like too deep of a subject to dive into, but after some thorough research, we found it to be multifaceted & relatable. Starting with a moment that most Americans share everyday  --- that first sight of yourself in the mirror, at the start of a new day. If we were going to build content that bearded men would enjoy, we needed to put ourselves in their morning slippers. 


We put together a comprehensive list of the hurdles people new to the bearded lifestyle encountered. Immersing our team in the history of beard styles and their significance to social status, on-top-of thoroughly studying competitors in their field.  The developments from this research were then prioritized, using the insights gained during the Discovery session.

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The Design

The stories of customers telling their friends about products sparked an idea. Most men who tried the product did so based on a recommendation from a woman who loved it. So, we decided to create a series of “evergreen”, long-form blog posts that told the brands story, expressed through powerful strategy guided copywriting. This included a definitive guide on how to style, shape & trim a beard, based on the shape of your face.


After creating each blog post, a unique cover image was designed to capture the feeling and tone of the writing, in visual form.


Since Beard-Care-Gang wanted to maintain secured access to their website, we needed to provide the final content to them in different file formats for easy usage by their in-house team. Once the proper format was determined, all content was securely transferred to be uploaded to their website.

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The Outcomes




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The Reaction

Now armed with a library of entertaining and enlightening content, they welcome all newcomers to the lifestyle with solutions that alleviate the growing pains, of any fresh new faces that join.

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The Results

With an engaged customer base and a solid body of evergreen content, Beard-Care-Gang was able to realize their goal of laying a strong foundation, at an early stage, in preparation for even greater achievements on the horizon. 

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