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Welcome to American Waymaker


The Small Business Secret Weapon,
and powerful NEW way executives
& entrepreneurs find their purpose.

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Does Your Business Feel Scattered?

Copywriting for business executives & entrepreneurs looking to unify their efforts and align team members.

Helping you to become a recognized authority and 
confident person who gets things done.

New Product or service

Business is good, but you're ready to scale. You need a unifying strategy that aligns your personal aspirations, business goals, team & message.

You've got a new product or service. You hate greasy sales-talk, so it's important to translate your enthusiasm & value in a way that people who vibe with you will understand.

Working with me means taking calculated risks and challenging yourself to believe that you can do more...

Issac Hopkins

with two S's

I'm Issac



A bearded business consultant with a heart for helping good people become great, through ethical high-ticket sales.

My goal is to help you be the confident person that everyone looks up to, and the hero of your own story.

This way, you'll be
the type of person who can make lots of money, take care of their family & help others who are still coming up. Why?

you would do the same for me.

Whats's up



The Vehicles That Build & Maintain Your Customer Relationships


Image by Domenico Loia

Landing Page Copy

How To Get A Grip On Audience Attention.

This is for the person who needs landing pages for products & services that get people to buy now, using insider secrets to explode your traffic today.


You're at the pre-sale, where they haven't made any purchase yet, or opted into your lead magnet.
Here you might need a personality-infused sales page, or landing page for a specific offer that has a singular focus, like a webinar registration.


Email Touch-Points

Have A Conversion Rate You Can Be Proud Of.

For those who already have an email list, but don't have time, don't want to write, or just want someone else to handle generating leads through content offers, welcome sequences, follow-ups & more.


You've already closed them once through an email sign up or purchase. Now we turn the tire-kickers into customers & then super fans.

It starts with an email sequence that triggers after someone downloads your lead magnet or opt-in.
This way you can build your mailing list in a way that gives value to your audience and a reason to buy.

Filling out questionnaires is the best way to work with a copywriter, right?....Wrong!

 I don't make my clients do homework, here's why


Market immersion process.png

Questionnaires are an impersonal one size doesn't-fit-all approach
that'll make sure your copy & results turns out just like everyone else's.

Creating your own briefing document doesn't work either, because if you knew exactly how to solve your problem, you'd have done it already.


I use a low stress, fun & facilitated strategic planning process composed of three easy exercises that help you define;

Your Brand
Your Customers
Your Priorities

​​​It's a process I take all my clients through, where we deep dive into your campaigns, past offers & research to find what did or doesn’t work, helping to learn exactly what you need now & in the future.
At the end of the day, I want my writing to make you money, now how much - I can't guarantee...

But, I know it's going to make you more because we're increasing the frequency and level of your customer touchpoints through Scalable copy, dramatically decreasing the chances of being rejected by Facebook, Instagram or other platforms.

Fashion Magazine

Here's what else you get


Brand Strategy Guide

After your 5-step market immersion process, you'll receive a detailed guide-book outlining all of the insights uncovered about your business. This custom made framework will clearly establish your voice & tone for all copy going forward.

Copy & Layout Audit

Get up to 5 web-pages checked for style & form. This review will maximize your efforts by scanning over your current site design, it's purpose & messaging, gaining access even more sales opportunities.

Content Calendar 

This visual schedule will keep your offers aligned & on track to make you money. Giving you a top-down view of all content, well before its launch date making it easy for you to blast out your message.

Vectorized Logo

Get 40+ different sizes of your logo ready to use on any webpage or social media. Helping your customers easily identify you and feel comfortable buying, whenever they see your branding.

Sales Funnel Template

A tool that simplifies the steps of setting up your sales funnel. Making it easier & faster to get going, or make adjustments to your existing one.

Review Phases

No more wasted time with ping-pong revision cycles, instead all suggestions are collected & saved until the next mile-stone. Giving you a sneak-peek at what's ahead, before making any final changes.

Zero Word Limits

Copy should be long-enough to get the sale, and not a word less. This means more time, energy & mental space can be put towards crafting fantastic copy, rather than nickle-&-diming you for every word.

That's great, but. . .

What do people

say about Waymaker

“I’ve had a chance to read our customer emails, and I think you’ve made them fall in love with us. Thanks for an amazing effort. You helped us reach a new level.”

Javier Ramos - Owner - Shirt Impressions

The reviews are in… I’m stunned

The reviews are in… I’m stunned

Your Investment,

Every project varies. But, our minimum engagement price is,


Why the price?

Because it doesn’t come close to what Dull, Unimaginative & Confusing

writing is costing you right now.


What would a clear understanding of your brands purpose mean for you?

Image by Sigmund




Give Your Marketing
An Unfair Advantage Over All
The Rest

Landing Page Copy

Email Touch-Points

5-step Market Immersion Process



$6297 Value


Starting At Only $2500



  • Brand Strategy Guide

  • Copy & Layout Audit

  • Content Calendar

  • Vectorized Logo

  • Sales Funnel Template

  • Review Phases

  • Zero Word Limits

If you're looking for a done-for-you solution, you got a few options...




5 overlooked ways content writing agencies & cheaper alternatives can waste your time with copy that feels like it was put together through the spin-cycle of a washing machine.


  • Choosing a writers skills level shouldn’t be a trade-off you have to make, because Your not a writer, so how will you decide if the content you receive is worth the premium you paid for it?

  • Creating your own briefing document is only useful If your looking for an odd piece of low-standard content. This will ensure your vision isn't understood or delivered.

  • Waiting to be matched with a writer may take days, and in some cases weeks.  Instead of finding a business partner to rely on, you end up with an extra task added to your to-do list.

  • Many of the writers you might be matched with are not American English speakers. Lacking any ability to infuse nuance, humor or personality into your content.


  • Most services require you to make yet another account for some web app, and follow their tricky delivery process for every piece of content made for you.

High-Risk Bet

Huge time commitment 

Many revisions required

Plagiarized or off-topic copy

Copy Services

Unpredictable results

Based on speculation

Non-native English speakers

Poor feedback & communication

Strategy Guided

The Busy Mans Way To Wealth

Spread your investment out over time

Start on budget & Stay on budget

Compounding interest on returns

Data Directed Results

Start strong & improve through experimentation

A/B testing for fine tuned results

Month over month improvement

Break-through copy

No charging by the word

Scalable compliance copy

Fluent in politically correct landmines

VS button_2x.png




You could write everything on your own, again it's very tough and time consuming without the shortcuts I know.


Now this is an option for people who are strong in high-level sales tactics, complex psychological concepts & persuasion skills.



You can take advantage of our process, because it gives you step-by-step guidance on exactly how to reach your financial goals.

Forget the match-making services that sit your business on a conveyor belt and pass off your calls to service reps in India.

This is what you need, a personal contact and someone you can hold accountable, who knows you & where you want to be.


Imagine, most people settle for "good-enough" and give up thinking about what kind of life they could have & the effect on their family.

Sure, you can keep doing what you've been doing...

But let's be real  -  You wouldn’t have read up until this point if you wanted that.

You're here because you believe that you deserve a better lifestyle & standing than the one you have now

Library Books

The Waymaker Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If I don't clarify your brands  purpose & align your goals for you, I'll make adjustments until it's clearat no extra charge.


If for any reason you don’t want to continue working with me,

You can take your carefully-crafted brand guide to someone else & have them create content for you instead,

all with my blessing.

Three Easy Ways To Pay
Choose One That Fits Your Business Needs



Pay at pre-planned phases spread out across the length of your project.

Early Bird
Pay for your entire project up-front and get a discount off your entire investment.


Grow revenue & traffic through a results oriented solution with a flat monthly fee.

All Copywriting Services Can Be Done In-person Or Fully Remote

If you're local and prefer to meet in-person, I'll show up to your office, 

making it easy to get started, communicate clearly & free-up your time.


Get everything from the comfort of your own home or office through convenient video calls, messages & timely responses.


Click the "Schedule a call" button to lock-in your free consultation now.

If you’d rather focus on your business than learn how to be a closer...

It all starts with a call.



Being an in-demand copywriter means I don’t take everyone on as a client. I only work with business owners who listen to feedback & turn advice into action. 

If you're not about that life, then we're not a good fit.

But if you are Schedule a call before it's too late, because these packages get snatched-up pretty far in advance. 

So, if you’re ready to get your copy on point,
don’t wait to apply!

I recommend scheduling your call or launch at least one month in advance of when you want it to go live.

What Your Getting

Voice Your Brands' Purpose  -  Align Life & Business Goals  -  Design A Way There

Landing page image mock up.png
Email touch point mock up.png

Landing Page Copy

This is for the person who needs landing pages for products & services that get people to buy now, using insider secrets to explode your traffic today.

Email Touch-Points

For those who already have an email list, but don't have time, don't want to write, or just want someone else to handle generating leads through content offers, welcome sequences, follow-ups & more.

5 step mock up.png


5-Step Market Immersion Process
A low-stress, fun & facilitated strategic planning process composed of three easy exercises that help you define your;
Brand - Customers - Priorities 



$6297 Value


  • Brand Strategy Guide

  • Copy & Layout Audit

  • Content Calendar

  • Vectorized Logo

  • Sales Funnel Template

  • Review Phases

  • Zero Word Limits

Starting At Only $2500


I'd like to,
but right now,
I need a DIY solution

This FREE downloadable guide is the powerful result from years of research, experimentation and simplification, all packed into one ultra-condensed and easy-to-use framework.

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